Authorized Distribution

As authorized distributors of specialized manufacturers, we enable our customers to create and develop products more quickly for the India market. We achieve this by offering speedy sample delivery, facilitating direct design and specification conversations with manufacturers, providing competitive rates, and ensuring shorter lead times. We also promote rapid AMPL/AVL expansion and flexible supply programs to create a reliable supply chain.

With more than 40 years R&D experience, we have designed and manufactured over 5000 models of acoustic components in the range of Buzzer, Transducer, Piezo Element, Microphone, Speaker, Receiver and Ultrasonic sensor.

Our components are widely used in the application of Industrial, Medical ( IEC60601), Automotive, Military, Aerospace, Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics and IoT smart devices. The production factory are fully automated and certified with ISO9001, ISO14000 and TS16949.

We are well known of high level service, professional technical advice and wide range of product selection. We emphasize on timely response and value- added design-in support. Our overall value will exceed your expectation.


Established in 1990, listed at Taiwan Stocks exchange is an inspiring manufacturer and partner in Frequency parts. Be it Networking, Industrial or Automotive segments, it has highly reliable solutions with required quality certifications.

  1. 1. Automotive
    • Clock Oscillator
    • Quartz Crystal
  2. 2. Clock Oscillator Products
    • CMOS
    • LVPECL
    • HCSL
    • LVDS
    • VCXO
    • TCXO
    • VCTCXO
  1. 3. Quartz Crystal Products
    • Surface Mount type
    • Through hole type
    • SMD tuning fork


Established in 1983 in Taiwan, 3 manufacturing plants. Comprehensive product lines to support different industry segments.

  1. 1. Board and wire connector
    • Board to board ,FPC/FFC ,Pin / female header
    • Housing , header and terminals
    • Edgecard, IDCplug, header, Battery connector
    • Din 4161
  2. 2. Cable
    • cable assembly , RF ,flat flexible,hybrid cable
  3. 3. Input / Output connector
    • SFP /QSFP series
    • USB connector, Type C
    • Modular jack/plug
    • HDMI connector
    • RF ,Earphone jack
    • M series,D sub connector
  4. 4. Card connector
    • smart card ,mini, micro & nano sim card ,hybrid card connector


Established in 1993, they have ISO14001 Environment Management System certification and parts are all ROHS,CE &UL.

  1. 1. M series circular connector
    • M23, M16, M12, M8 & M5 circular connector
  2. 2. Waterproof connector
  3. 3. 2.5G/5G/10G base-T RJ45
  4. 4. Single port jacks
  5. 5. Ganged jacks
  6. 6. Stacked magjack
  7. 7. Custom connector and cable


Established in 2001 in Taiwan with In-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Proven reliable manufacturer and supplier of Discrete products like

  1. 1. Bridge Rectifiers
  2. 2. Rectifiers
  3. 3. Diodes
  4. 4. MOSFETs
  5. 5. Transistors
  6. 6. Protection Devices
  7. 7. Auto parts
  8. 8. wafers-Zener, IGBT
  9. 9. Schottky


Established in 1988 in Taiwan with In-house Design and manufacturer of

  1. 1. Opto-MOSFET Relays
    • Opto-MOSFET Relays (60V To 600V)
    • Opto-MOSFET Relays (600V To 1500V)
    • SiC MOSFET Relays (1500V To 6600V)
    • Opto-MOSFET Relays (AEC-Q101)
    • Opto-MOSFET Relays ( > 1Amp)
  2. 2. Reed Relays
    • Miniature Reed Relays
    • High Voltage Reed Relays
    • High Curent Reed Relays ( > 2Amps)
  3. 3. RF MEMS Switches
  4. 4. Solid State Relays


Established in 1969 in Taiwan with in-house and customized design capability and manufacturer of MELF resistors. Global competitors like Vishay, Vitrohm, Koa, Ohmite.

  1. 1. Anti surge resistor
  2. 2. Precision resistor
  3. 3. Stability resistor
  4. 4. High voltage resistor
  5. 5. Current sense resistor
  6. 6. Automotive grade resistor
  1. 7. High power resistor
  2. 8. Circuit protection resistor
  3. 9. Fusible resistor
  4. 10. Jumper resistor
  5. 11. High Frequency Resistor
  6. 12. Carbon Film MELF Resistor


Established in 1993, Hsinda is a high-tech electronic enterprise specializing in R & D, production, manufacturing and sales of relays. It mainly produces electromagnetic relays, provides signal relays, circuit board relays and automotive relays. Production has successively passed ISO 9001, ISO / TS16949 certification, and its products have obtained safety certifications such as American UL & CUL, European TUV, and Chinese CQC.


King Core :

Established in1986, King Core is a dedicated designer and manufacturer of Inductive components.
King Core is a major inductive component supplier to world’s most important manufacturers of IT hardware, telecom, consumer, industrial, etc.
Certification : IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IECQ QC080000.

Ferrite cores
Precision coils
SMD ferrite chip beads / inductors
Bead Array for EMI/EMC applications
SMD Ceramic Chip Inductors / Filters for RF design.

King Core


Excess and Obsolete inventory solution

At Nodal Semi, we recognize the critical importance of handling excess and obsolete inventory (E&O) efficiently and sustainably. We have the most effective and efficient system to maximize your return on your Excess and Obsolete Inventory. We can confidently say our program is ESG compliant.


Why we can say SRP is ESG

Our excess inventory program supports the environment by minimizing material scrapping. The excess inventory of one company can be of use to another company, promoting a circular economy and minimizing material waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or other creating harmful environmental discharges.

Our program adds social value by remarketing and reselling E&O materials, reducing the usage of resources linked to mining and avoiding the destruction of material value. We do not engage in opportunistic programs that selectively pick only specific parts for sale. Rather, but rather use resources efficiently.

Finally, our program supports good governance by preventing excess material from being disposed of as e-waste or sold at a low value in local markets as scrap. Our excess inventory program helps companies realize greater profits in an open, measurable, reportable, and verifiable way.


Material is re-marketed to a wide array of market segments using in-house platform and tools through experienced and passionate team with an average work years of more than 10 years.

Derf’s proprietary strategies dramatically increase client’s recovery for their E&O.

Re-marketing to target audience to maximize the value of E&O is the strength of DERF Inc.



Material is re-marketed to a wide array of market segments using our in-house platform and sales tools. DERF’s experienced and passionate sales team has an average work tenure of more than 10 years.
DERF’s proprietary strategies dramatically increase our clients’ recovery for their E&O.
Re-marketing to target audience to maximize the value of E&O is the strength of DERF Electronics Corp.




Customer to provide list of E&O inventory.
SRP Proposal based on market analysis would be provided having Asset Liquidation value ( ALP), a Buyout/Guarantee (B/G) value and a long term Potential Projected Revenue value (PPR).
DERF will provide a PO at an “asset liquidation price” to transfer title of goods.
Material will be shipped to DERF from customer informed warehouse. Freight arrangements will be made by DERF.
DERF will inventorised the received material.
Material will be proactively re-marketed to maximize ROI over the term of the contract.
DERF will provide quarterly reports of all sales and make quarterly payments based on the shared percentage of the revenue.
A Partner with Global Reach

To optimally resolve your inventory problem, you need a reliable partner with a strong global reach and the ability to maximize resale in the most sustainable way. Nodal Semi works with DERF Electronics Corp. USA, established in 1946, to provide a comprehensive solution that maximizes the return value and provides measurable, reportable, and verifiable information throughout the program.

Independent Distribution

At Nodal Semi, we stock, source, and supply parts globally through our partners who hold quality certifications such as AS9120B and ANSI/ESD-S20.20-2014. Our partners have in-house test lab facilities to ensure the quality and performance of parts. Their stringent testing and inspection criteria ensure that the parts delivered to customers meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

To ensure that the supply chains across the world are free of counterfeit parts, any suspicious part is immediately flagged and reported in a global database of counterfeits. If any counterfeit is detected, it is immediately scrapped.

We specialize in sourcing hard-to-find, end-of-life, and shortage parts for industries such as aerospace and defence, medical, satellite communications, automotive, telecom, and other special industries. All parts are supplied along with Inspection and Test reports.

Hard to find part

End-of-life parts, converting components from ROHS to Non-ROHS or vice versa as required for special usage.

Component sourcing

Solving shortages and repeatedly used parts sourcing at competitive prices.


Electronics Hardware Start-up Enablers

We are excited to offer our services to electronics hardware startups. Throughout our professional career, we have been involved in various solutions startups, which gives us a unique advantage in helping electronics hardware startups learn and unlearn hard realities on the ground.

We excel in guiding products from design to commercial success, and we invite electronics hardware startups to collaborate with us on commercializing, positioning, mass manufacturing, and more to create a successful organization and become a market leader.

In addition to these services, we also offer value-added services such as advisory and team training on strategic sourcing, building sourcing teams, and providing quick BOM estimates.